Bubbles rainbows

The fascination of bubbles and mysterious rainbows – glorious inspiration.


Experimenting with bubbles inside and inspired by the results we thought we would see how well they worked in the snow blowing bubbles i.e. cold water, cold wind – yes blowy wind too – not a good idea.  But a couple of experiments showed us that interesting images could be captured on a day when the weather was kinder.

bubble-gold  bubble-in-green bubble-in-sky


Bubbles disappear so quickly that we do not get a chance to see them in detail.  By taking photographs we can study the extraordinary images that are reflected and watch as the colours change in the same sequence in every bubble.

bubble-blue-loop bubble-blue bubble-blown bubble-bent

And as the wind blows the bubbles bend and stretch into strange alien shapes.

bubble-purple bubble-rainbow bubble-rings bubble-ripples

The rings on the water – the only memory of a magnificent colour show.




So now we will wait for a calm sunny day and blow bubbles all over the pond and capture the magical images that we would otherwise not see – the trees, the ripples in the water, the leaves showing under the surface.  Just amazing.

So wonderful inspirations for marbling silks – watch this space!

bbubble9 bbubble10 bbubble12 bbuble3 bbuble6 bbuble13





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