Privacy Policy Updates and GDPR Shenanigans

No doubt your email inboxes are overflowing as ours have been with various announcements about GDPR and the new European Privacy laws. For us it has been a veritable tsunami of declarations of respect and the whys and wherefores of businesses collecting information. It has been a overwhelming to say the least.

So we chose not to add to the bombardment and decided to wait until the dust had settled before we sought to reassure you that we too treat your information with a great deal of respect. 

Fortunately for us we have always been pretty rigorous in ensuring that we treat people’s personal details with the care that they deserve. This includes making sure that there is published information on the website about what we collect and how we use any information that we have. We do however rely on your attention to keep us up to date about any changes.

By the very nature of our business, we perhaps do collect more information than some other businesses but then as we create unique garments specifically for individuals looking for something uniquely original and special then we do need to record whatever is relevant in being able to continue creating outfits that are unique to each person.  will continue offering the high level of personal attention to detail that we do already.

We do have different mailing lists for different purposes. So it is important that we know what sort of thing interests you so that we can ensure that you get the most pertinent details for your particular needs and desires. Essentially we always welcome being kept informed about anything you feel that we need to know.

You can read our full privacy policy here >>


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