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Patricia Lester

Inspired Textile Art

Inspired Textile Art

Inspired Textile Art I am creating a new leaflet to let people know what we do and to remind those that know …

wedding hats and flowers

Colourful wedding

Colourful wedding The enjoyment of colour should be part of everyone’s life and if it is colour that a bride wants for …

The beauty of Emeralds

The beauty of Emeralds

The beauty of Emeralds – nature’s colour My passion for butterflies and moths was my first thought when a colour scheme of …

Golden luxury textiles for the home

Oriental Inspiration

Oriental Inspiration for interior textiles The current project has been inspired by an extraordinary gallery in San Francisco introduced to me by …

Colour of old fashioned rose and lime green of the 'lady's mantle'

Inspirations taken from the garden

Garden colour inspirations The request for this project was for colour inspirations from garden flowers. What a delight – my favourite thing …

atmosphere colours for location set design film and television

Luxury interior textile art

Luxury interior textile art Photograph: Faded rose – together with a wall hanging approximately 9ft. x 9ft. Charles and Patricia Lester have …