Judicial Review for the wind turbine that could blight our beautiful landscape forever.




Laugharne from the Llansteffan side of the Taf estuary

As reported in The Sunday Times – there is to be a Judicial Review to see if the reasons are totally irrational for allowing a turbine to be erected on the horizon of this iconic place in Wales.  Many people have voiced objections and still are standing up and saying that this decision was crazy especially in an area of such natural beauty and historical and cultural interest.

Funding for Judicial Review


This is the official fundraising site – it is very easy to donate however small an amount and however large.  We also have a face-book page which can be shared far and wide.  Please help this small community to win the fight to overthrow this decision to allow a turbine to be built in this beautiful place.

It is hoped that many people will support those who decided to challenge the Carmarthenshire County Council in court.  This is a tiny very ordinary community of two small villages and the township of Laugharne fighting the mighty council, whose officers strongly recommended that this turbine should NOT be built.  Hundreds of people sent in formal objections and a petition was also signed by over 200 people.

This passionate little community have been vigorous and tireless in continuing to gather support despite the deadline for objections being well past.  However there is great fear that this turbine will act as a precedent and many more of these useless hideous intrusions into our countryside will blight the area forever.

The Wildlife

The RSPB have stated that although they were unable to officially object because they could not afford to undertake a comprehensive study of the case – this did not mean that they supported the application.  The National Trust did object, but bodies that are funded by the Welsh Government were not allowed to comment either way.


Amazing wildlife over Laugharne

facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Dylan-Thomas-view/301021083428188

Please like, share, comment – donate.  The more people that know about this the better.

Tourism – small-holdings that do B&B – vital to the economy of Wales.

More people are employed in the tourist industry in Wales than in any other industry.

It will not only be the residents of Laugharne and their visitors that will be affected by the sight and noise of this turbine.  It will be seen from many places in the area and spoil the wonderful views that brought people to live and visit.


https://www.facebook.com/carusleep –

Residents at a local small-holding with caravan site called Laugharne View Llanybri – stunning views across the estuary to Laugharne.

Matt Sian geese


http://www.pentowyn.co.uk/  A fabulous place for a peaceful holiday – close to the Wales coastal footpath – perfect for walking, bird-watching, photography, painting or a quiet place to write that ‘best seller’.

wind turbine protest
Stop the destruction of our beautiful landscape by wind turbines


http://www.llansteffan.com/ – a wonderful unspoiled vibrant living village.


Llansteffan castle  and beach


Lanes near Fernhill - Dylan Thomas country inspirations
Lanes near Fernhill – Dylan Thomas country inspirations

Carmarthenshire countryside – unspoilt natural beauty.



http://www.eynons.co.uk/  an amazing butcher in St. Clears if you want a perfect joint of meat and you can also get all sorts of wonderful delicacies from their on-line shop.  Yes you guessed we are biased.

http://www.thecorran.com/  for fine dining – special celebrations

http://www.thecors.co.uk/  For an extra special treat – fabulous gardens, intriguing sculptures and magnificent food.

I will add more things of interest another day, but this is a start to show how wonderfully unique this place is in West Wales.  A secret delight enjoyed by those lucky enough to live here and for those that visit.


Laugharne Castle –


Laugharne castle basking in winter sunshine.
Laugharne castle basking in winter sunshine.



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